About our operations

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Élevages apis rustica

We believe that the future of canadian beekeeping lies in improving our honey bee stocks by developping lines that are adapted to our climate, our practices, and the pests that attack them. Our breeding colonies are thus selected in function of those characteristics, in order to deliver the most productive, resistant, and docile bees possible.


Bees from our apiaries

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Varied genetics

We continually add new races and lines to our apiaries, in order to obtain numerous resistance traits without compromising genetic diversity of our stock

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Hybrid lines

Our breeding program maintains multiple lines in order to allow fo our queens to mate with drones of different origins so that their colonies may benefit from the heterosis effect (hybrid vigor).

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Mutant lines

Mutations are the origin of differentiation and specialization. In addition to being a source of genetic diversity, they can present multiple direct or indirect advantages able to affect honey bee appearance or behavior. You have bees that appear different? They might interest us! Contact us for more details.